Advantages of Digital Books Over Print Books

In this digital era, almost everything is available online. Although most people still prefer print books, the popularity of digital books is increasing. This thanks to the availability of devices such as Kindle, computers, tablets and smartphones, and internet connectivity. This makes it easier for more people to access digital books.

Whether you are reading the books for academic reasons or for leisure activities such as betting tips, there are distinct benefits that come with digital books. While print books are here to stay, digital books offer versatility that print cannot. Below are some of the advantages of digital books.

Digital Books Are Instant

With just the click of a button, you have access to your favourite book. You don’t need to go to the physical bookstore or your friend’s house or local library to borrow the book. This is associated with convenience and savings in terms of transport to the bookstore and time savings. Some of the digital books are downloadable, and you don’t need to have the internet to access.

Digital Books Are More Portable

Imagine carrying five 1000-page print books! They are heavy and take a lot of your backpack space. With digital books, you need a flash disk or just your phone, and you are good to go. If they are online versions, you only need an internet connection and your device. They are convenient in terms of portability.

Digital Books Don’t Have Late Fees

Digital books are accessed online, and one does not have to incur late fees if you don’t return the books in time. For online libraries that lend out books, they deny you access. With print versions, if you borrow books from libraries and you don’t return on time, you are hit with late fees. Therefore, with digital books, you have savings in the form of avoided costs.

Digital Books Have Built-In Dictionaries

With print books, if you come across a vocabulary, you have to reach out to your dictionary. With digital versions, you don’t have to carry other books since the versions have digital dictionaries to assist the readers. Undoubtedly this saves you the time of having to switch books and also saves you space and extra weight in your backpack by carrying a dictionary.

Digital Books Are Cheaper

You will save a few bucks by going for digital books. Digital books are usually cheaper than the print versions. Also, there are a lot of savings. You can use the time which otherwise would have been used to go to the bookstore to do other economic activities.


Reading digital books is the new trend, and soon it will become the number one choice for readers. With all the above benefits, it is inevitably going to be the choice for the readers.