Popular Online Sites Where You Can Buy Digital Books

E-commerce is undoubtedly becoming popular all over the world, and people can now buy virtually everything from the internet. It can also be an excellent resource for readers. There are many online sites where readers can purchase many types of digital books. Whether you are looking for art of living, leisure, culture and society, comics, literature, fiction, biographies, and knowledge books, there are sites where you can get them.

Most of the online sites where you can buy digital books are accessible from anywhere in the world as long as you have a device that is connected to the internet. Since these books are digital, there are no shipping costs because the books can be sent via email or read online. Below are some of the popular online sites where you can buy digital books.

Project Gutenberg

If you are looking for a digital book site, you should definitely consider Project Gutenberg. Project Gutenberg is regarded as the mother of all digital book sites. It started in the 1970s when the first eBook site was ever created. For sites that offer free eBooks from the public domain, they use titles initially uploaded to Project Gutenberg. In its catalogue, Project Gutenberg has over 45,000 public domain books.

Internet Archive

Founded in 1996, Internet Archive is a non-profit organization offering digital books. It has over six million fully accessible public domain eBooks. If you are looking for any digital books on living, leisure, culture, and society, comics, or literature, among others, this is definitely a good site to visit.

Open Library

Open Library is a separate project for Internet Archive offering digital books. Open Library is more focused on library records collection. The role of the site is to create a web page for all the books that have ever been published. So far, the site has over 20 million books, which makes it a good place for people looking for digital books.

Google Books

Google Books has a huge collection of scanned books that are viewable and available on Google. The good thing with Google Books is that they have a search box where you can search for any digital book you are looking for.


Smashwords is one of the best eBooks sites for independent publishers and authors. The site has over 300,000 eBooks authored by over 100,000 authors. You can read the books online or send the file to your device. You can visit the site if you are looking for digital books from independent publishers.


The Blurb is a self-publishing site with well designed and quality books. The good thing with the Blurb is that you can read the whole book by previewing it. This is because authors earn money through the sale of the print versions. If you are looking for free well designed digital books, this is the right site for you.


There are many sites where you can buy digital books. This article has highlighted some of the top sites where you can buy or read digital books for free.