Where to Find Digital Books and Why to Consider Them

Everyone wants to learn topics that are of interest to them, which are often found through books. However, most of the reading materials in the current world have to be paid for and sometimes, buying a book is very expensive. But this is not to say all online sites are free, some need registration, or donations while some are free. In this article, you will find some of the websites that will offer free books and other resources, including academic papers, essays, comics and magazines, among others.

Why Digital Books

Digital books are progressively becoming the preference for many readers. eBooks have distinct benefits that have attracted many readers as they offer a versatility that cannot be provided by the physical print books. Digital books are instant; thus, they can be purchased directly from the digital repository and downloaded straight to your device. Digital books are more portable than print books, which are relatively very heavy, especially hardbound editions, as opposed to the modern eReader devices that are light. Therefore, it is much more comfortable and convenient to carry an eReader, which carries a whole library of topics where you can read from and even download to your library.

Online Sites to Access Digital Books


Amazon’s digital bookstore is the largest on the internet. The variety of services offered by this site has made it very attractive to readers. For example, Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscription services, whereby you can access, download and read as many books as possible from a wide collection of more than a million topics is only $9.99 per month. The Amazon library is ever-changing with more than 1000 subjects to read upon, including books, magazines, and comics that can be rented for free once you are a Prime member.


This site is one of the best free cultural as well as educational media platforms. In Open Culture, one can get access to over 800 eBooks that can be downloaded to Kindle, iPad or iPhone, computers or smartphones. The collections here include great works of both non-fiction and fiction, plus poetry that are of great interest to different readers. Open Culture also provides audiobooks that can be downloaded for free. Thus, with this site, you have free access to digital books.


TradePub.com has grown since 1994 to be the most sophisticated site and repository of digital books globally. This is a top destination for the most recent publications, which have been well-curated on behalf of the most and best influential companies. To access the materials in this site, one is required to subscribe to a limited free subscription and on expiry, pay a minimal subscription fee to gain unlimited access to the complete library.

This article has listed sites where digital books can be accessed. Different sites provide different topics and titles of reading materials, which also vary in prices. Thus, consider buying digital books to save on space, and they are comfortable and convenient to carry anywhere. The sites are accessible everywhere in the world. Now you are good to go and enjoy reading your favourite topics.