Why Digital Books are Better Than Print Books

With the digital generation, printed books are becoming outdated. This has pushed most service providers to digitize their operations to accommodate the huge population of digital users. EBooks are becoming a norm in the current generation though some people still prefer printed books. The publishers have to adopt the technology to remain relevant in the digital era and make reading convenient to the people.

The education systems and the corporate world are moving with speed to adopt e-learning materials for training purposes. Some of the advantages of eBooks over the printed books include:

One Device, Many Books

With a single device, you can have loads of reading materials. No energy is needed to carry around bulky books around when it comes to eBooks. You can have a variety of reading materials and you can read them at your own convenient time.

Easily Updates

Most digital content is cloud-based. This makes the authors and publishers be able to update the latest information of their data for the consumers. The cost of printing and time is saved when it comes to eBooks.

Shareable Content

EBooks can be shared with multiple users. It is possible to share and like the eBook content, unlike the printed books. It is also possible to share eBooks to multiple people at any given time something not possible when it comes to printed books.

Easy on the Eyes

Most eBooks are equipped with adjustable screen brightness features depending on the time of the day and personal preferences. They are designed such that the light will not strain your eyes or disturb other people. You can as well adjust the fonts to suit your preference.

Read Aloud Feature

Text to speech feature is designed with the eBooks. One can choose to either listen to the eBook if busy. For visually impaired and those with a learning disability, they are covered.


Have you been torn in between eBooks and printed books? You can use this information to make an informed decision. However, based on our analysis, digital books are most preferred in this digital era although print books are also widely used.